Junior-Senior Pathway Management

Another key pillar to address with our club is around one of the great assets this club has.

We as a senior club have been the beneficiaries of a great junior club for 9 years now.  We strive to build great pathways for our junior to eventually join our senior program after their Colts year, but this has not always the case.  It is vital that we protect this relationship, continually build easy pathways for Colts to come to join our senior program and most importantly that they feel welcome.

We’ve got an amazing history of success with this transfer from Junior to Senior however we can’t take this for granted.  In the last 9 years we have seen 6 Premierships, 1 Runners-up, a 3rd and with the current season boys being top of the table – who knows, we may have 7 out of 9 Premiership years.  Much credit needs to go to our first ever senior club life member and coaching guru – Tony Weeks for our senior u19s program success.  But as a club we have identified we can do more.  Today we would like to announce that effective immediately, Kevin George has stepped up as the Clubs Junior-Senior pathway Manager with a clear focus on making sure we build rock-solid connections and opportunities with our junior club.  Kev’s role will develop and grow and we look forward to letting you all know how this is going.

We would like to thank Kevin for his initiative in putting this on the clubs agenda and also thank Ritchie Appleby and the junior club for their partnership and support of everything we do at senior level.   It’s one thing to say our pathway is strong and our relationships with our junior club are rock solid, but after much action, we are in a great place with our 2 clubs and we now operate together as one club which is something we can be very proud of.  We will get Kevin to report into you all before the end of the year on this year’s Colts and how his role is going.