The Sharks Way

One of the key pillars of our club and what we want to be known for is the way we care for each other at our club.  That any and every individual would feel welcomed into our community on arrival, that each person would feel connected and that we all had a place in this club of ours.
In a world where many individuals feel disconnected, lonely and insignificant – our goal needs to be one where we check-in on each other, help others feel welcome, create an environment where everyone has a mate, an atmosphere where men and women – boys and girls feel safe and the ‘sharks way’ is something for us all to be proud of.

We are all responsible to build this special culture within our game day, our social events and at all club related activities.  Join me and the whole club and let’s make sure we all play our part to make sure every person is loved, cared for and welcome down at the Shark Tank.  IF anyone in our club is ever battling in any way, we are blessed with several go to people headed by our Welfare and Chaplain Tim Dawson.  Seek him out on a game day or come see a committee member if you would like to meet up with him.