Sharks News, Monday 18th May 2020


Monday 18th May, 2020

Can we smell the players liniment oil, the bbq, the call of “balllllll” on the hill?  Not quite.  It feels like we are one step closer to seeing something happen out there on Domeney Reserve.  Are you missing Saturdays?  What do you miss most?
It’s our intention to keep all our Football and Netball Community up at the Sharks, informed along the way as decisions are made and governing bodies release information.  A quick snapshot:  May 31st will be our official back to training date.  AFL Vic govern our game here in Victoria and oversee our association – EFNL.
The key thing we are waiting on are the back to training protocols for our football to recommence training in some way, shape or form.  We are also working with Manningham Council who allow us to be the tenant of the Domeney and Stintons Reserves.  There is so much we are working through behind closed doors around Membership, Insurances for players, Association decisions, and what might be the best way forward for our club to function socially, financially and ultimately for our health.
Attached is the latest brief from AFL Vic which gives you an insight into where things are at, but ultimately we still await their back to training protocols which will be released early this week.  It is, however, great to have some sort of indication as to when we get to start the ball rolling again – May 31st.
I want to encourage us all to focus on the things we can control when it comes to our club.  We don’t have a back to game day football yet, but what we do have is a back to training date – so we celebrate that.
Our coaches, lead by Dennis, are working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the different scenarios that may play out.  No matter what the outcome may be – our goal is to get us all back together to enjoy the Shark family again as soon as possible.
Next week we will share with you all an update on the Domeney Building Plans which makes for exciting times ahead for the clubrooms.  Colin has led the charge for several years now and he along with many patient club members have been persistent and resilient on behalf of our club for 9+ years now to see our humble space improved. I’m grateful for everyone that has played their role along the way to help progress the development of Domeney Building Project.  It will be an interesting read for you all next week.
Finally, I’d like to thank the members of our club that happen to be in a position to continue to support our club by buying a membership, and even this week we had a couple of new sponsors jump on board.  We understand that financially it is a difficult time for many, and we are here to support all our Sharks families where we can.  For those that feel they are able to support our club in any way – whether it is your time or financially – please let us know.
Exciting days ahead for the Sharks – stay tuned for weekly updates.
We are the Mighty Sharks
Jeremy Thomas