2019 Footy Tipping

Dear all from POFNC,

This is not a revenue raiser for the Club (or anyone else)….100% entry fees are paid out as prize payments!

For fifteen years, my firm has run an online footy tipping comp, with several POFNC people participating eg

  • Colin
  • Prozza
  • Mrs Prozza
  • Lad
  • Weeksy
  • Ged (me, treasurer, POFNC).

In the past, others from POFNC have said they’d like to participate…..so, this is an open invitation for you to join this vibrant AFL tipping comp.


The basic details:

  • We don’t tip finals; comp finishes after the end of the AFL H&A regular season
  • Cost is $50, paid up front
  • Comp is run through www.footytips.com.au . You can enter your tips from your device via their App or online directly onto their site
  • Weekly Prizes
  • Bonus weekly prize for anyone tipping the “perfect round ie 9 tips and zero margin of the nominated game”
  • Large end of season $ prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd

If you are wanting to be a 2019 tipper (you are very welcome), continue reading!

The comp is controlled by footytips.com.au (also known as ESPN footytips.com.au), with me as administrator. As mentioned above, tips are entered over the internet via their site. Check their site for other methods of entering tips via social media/their App. With regards to the submission of tips, the rules are as per their website eg cut off times for tips, what happens if you forget to put your tips in etc. As administrator, I am unable to overwrite footytips.com‘s results, so if your computer crashes or you forget to hit the submit button, forget to put your tips in etc….too bad!! Note, you can change your tip right up until game start time. I suggest you get your tips in early (their site can get slow just before the start of the first game of a round).

There is a weekly prize of $25 (split if multiple winners in the same round), a weekly bonus of an additional $25 ($50 all up weekly prize) for anyone who picks all 9 winners in a round with a zero margin (it has been done many times!)…the $50 is payable to all such tipsters, even if in the same round as someone else ie the $50 is not split. In a round where there are not 9 matches eg a round with BYEs, the $25 bonus does not apply. The season prizes are 1st 60%, 2nd 25% and 3rd 15% of the remaining pool. The weekly prizes may be varied at my discretion before Rd3, depending on the number of entries (but I will let everyone know if there is a change).


With regards to the weekly prize:  the weekly winner will be the person decided by footytips.com.au ie being the tipster with the most winners and lowest margin. If still exactly equal, the $25 weekly prize is split. The season comp is decided upon the same basis. Weekly prizes will be accumulated and distributed at season end. 

Payment MUST be received by 1st April. Anyone who has entered but not paid WILL NOT be eligible for the weekly prizes, and if not paid by 1st April will be removed from the comp. EFT to:

  • BSB 633000
  • A/c 119901312
  • A/c name: GE HEWITT AND CO … enter your name in the description field.


To join the comp:

  1. Go to the footytips.com.au site.
  2. The name of this particular comp is: Hewitt CPAs
  3. If you have previously registered with footytips.com.au eg in someone else’s comp, login using the same username and password you previously used.
  4. If you are not a current tipper on this site, click “Join Now” to create your account and follow all the prompts.
  5. After joining footytips.com.au, you’ll need to click “Competitions” and search for Hewitt CPAs. The password to join this comp is hewittcpa3135  Answer “No” to “Allow administrator to enter your tips” question. Answer “Yes” to display email address question.


How to enter your weekly tips via the internet:

  • Click tipping (should send you into the next AFL round)…you can do tips for advance rounds if you’re going away). nb need to also enter margin for the designated game of the round eg if you tip Carlton with a margin of 10 points and when Richmond wins by 43, then your margin is 53 points (you should be aiming to have a low margin!!).


You can also download the ESPN FootyTips app and do your tips from your phone/device.

Have fun; any queries, email me: gerard@hewittcpa.com.au 

Ged Hewitt
Treasurer, POFNC