POFNC Life Memberships



To all our Park Orchards Football Netball Club members, sponsors, players, volunteers and sharks community,

It is with great pleasure that the committee communicates that our club will release our Park Orchards Football Netball  ‘Life Membership’ criteria live for the first time in the clubs history.
After much conversation around the committee table over the last 2-3 years, we decided to form a sub-committee to work on and study how other clubs do this,  what different criteria clubs have out there in different sports, all whilst keeping in mind our own DNA.  Headed by Ged Hewitt, this sub-committee met on several occasions to pen what formed the ‘first and second draft’.  This was submitted to our current committee earlier this year for review and after draft 3, the committee unanimously accepted the submission around criteria for POFNC Life Membership and will now publish this on our website and throughout the club each year for our members as our policy.
So on behalf of the Park Orchards Football and Netball Club committee, we thank Ged and his sub committee for their work in producing this and we now welcome our members to view this criteria and utilise it accordingly.
Life Membership in our club is and will be considered the highest of honours within all our acknowledgements and we ask all submissions to be taken seriously and that prior to submitting someone for consideration, that the criteria is met by the person being nominated.  Please find attached the criteria document along with nomination form that will both sit on our website for future use.
Our Mighty Club looks forward to accepting nominations for who you consider to be a Mighty Shark.
Warm Regards
Jeremy Thomas 
President POFNC