Sharks News – Friday 3rd April 2020


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Well, last night would have been our last Thursday night dinner before round one for our men’s football.  This Saturday would have been round one where we would have had the chance to launch a huge season off with a bang.  But for obvious reasons, the Corona Virus has made us all stand still in our tracks.  We’ve written as a club about the importance of staying safe, looking out for one another and to build a strong network of support – and this will be themed throughout our whole season.  We want you on this journey with us through the good and the tough times.

Today, many of you will need to make a decision regarding the football club you love – The Sharks.  The decision is simple – do you still want to be connected and stay involved in this amazing community, or will you hibernate and come out the other end when ‘the world is fixed’?  We want each and every person on this journey with us, but really that is your decision to make.

We mentioned in the club release last week about a CARE SYSTEM – see website for more details.  Have you formed your group yet?  Have you notified your group?  Have you been invited into a group?  If not, we want to know.

Email:  our secretary Vicki Knight to let us know

Our care system will help keep us all informed, keep us sane, laughing, socialising (from a distance), keep us connect with the club.
We have some fun plans to keep our club entertained and to help our people stay ‘footy fixed’ over the next few months.

Over the next 2 months, we are planning to keep our club fully connected and enjoying the banter only footy and netball clubs can provide BUT, we can only do that if you keep your email details updated with us, and you are connected to the club on Facebook.
If you aren’t, do that now (even if you aren’t a social media person).
Each day of the week there will be something different posted or communicated: a competition, something about a sponsor (and we need you to honour them wherever you can), an auction item, a hosted online dinner, banter, quizzes, stories told and our club resourced with the things we all need to get through this season healthy and stronger than ever.  We want you to be a part of it.

What we need you to do though is to be a part of everything that happens online.

It’s YOU that will make this work.  ‘Like’ things you like, comment (keeping things positive and ‘no put-downs’) but making sure you tag friends in and keep our community alive and active.  We will challenge you to partake in things that will bless others, keep people engaged to each other and plenty of prizes to make for a whole heap… IF you help us do this.
Calling all Domenerians, Players, Sponsors, Volunteers, Members, Parents……come join us on a season of fun and help our club we all love to stay alive by staying involved and connected.

Connect with us:

One of the themes throughout this season is going to be what we define as our prize – our premiership, what we believe ‘our success’ looks like.  Well, ‘winning this year’s premiership’ will be the way we support one another and the way we don’t leave a mate behind. Imagine we can all look at each other in the eye at the end of this year and say we honestly did it – we took everyone with us in this hard time, supported each other and got each other through.  If we can accomplish that, if we can truly get behind each other (that’s everyone), it will be the most satisfying year when we have the gift of reflection.  It will be the year we speak about in our club’s history forever.

And let’s make a promise to each other now…. when we get out of this unique situation, out of our Isolation, that we have one of the greatest celebrations this club has ever seen.  But whilst we are in it, let’s build a culture of celebrating the small things, learning to be grateful and making sure we build to that day we can truly celebrate together again as a club…FACE to FACE.

Our committee, coaches and players are all looking forward to having some fun with you all (online) via Facebook and together we will have a chance to enjoy the opportunities and the efforts people put into making this online community a lot of fun.  Whilst we are here, we’d like to publicly acknowledge Nicki and Sarah George for their efforts to keep us all communicated, and the support Andrew Molloy offers them to keep us all connected. Thanks to you all for everything you do.

OK Sharks, it now time to get your act together, because next Monday it all starts.

So from here, make sure we have your correct email address (ask your family, your friends if they are getting our communications) – if not, get them to send it into Vicki Knight:
OR Feel free to forward them this email and tell them to CLICK HERE  
They can then sign up directly to our mailing list

If you have any awesome auction items or prizes you’d like to put forward to our club, could you please do so by making contact with Kev George or Rob Purcell.

Looking forward to the great days ahead.
We are the Mighty Sharks
Jeremy Thomas

2020 Major Sponsor

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