Domeney Reserve Facility Extension

Good News re Domeney Reserve in a Tough Year!

The 2020 year as we are all well aware has been an inactive year with Covid-19 preventing players training & playing on-field / court and off-field very limited contact.
The POFNC committee has been undertaking a number of projects in the background and the major development of Domeney Reserve has been ongoing for some time and we have exciting news to pass on.

We have been working with the junior football club and cricket club on this project for many years and we will finally see a rebuild commencing in 2020.

As earmarked for the last 6 months the Domeney Reserve building project is planned to commence early August, 2020 with the following being undertaken:

1. The west wall of our social space at Domeney will be removed and an extension of the room complete with wall to run in line with the west wall of public toilets. This will extend the current social space from 79m2 to 154.8m2 providing well needed extra space for the sporting club’s social area

2. Both change rooms will be knocked down and extended & reconfigured noting the home change room is currently only 22.5m2 with new change room 54.9m2. Access will be at the rear & internal and includes roller doors within the change rooms to allow closing off for use of men/women and boys/girls and also with new amenities which will be a welcome upgrade.

3. The canteen, bar, kitchen areas will be upgraded with new benches, new equipment (ovens etc) and whilst infrastructure will remain as is, the whole area will be upgraded.
A decking 3.4m out from social space on the ground side is planned (subject to reviewing costs) with infrastructure to be put in place re-roofing etc as part of this project.

4. All up the build project is approx. $1.5m and is being funded by Manningham City Council, State Govt – Pick My Project funds gained and the sporting clubs POFNC, PONRPJFC and POCC who have worked collaboratively on the project and are making significant contributions to the build.

With a completion date of late 2020 / early 2021 this will provide the sporting clubs with a much-needed increase in social space and players with change rooms of adequate size – something for all to look forward to in 2021!

As you can appreciate the funding by the clubs in these trying times is challenging and we will be seeking from our club members and the local community support with various fundraising activities including possibly “Buy a Brick” campaign, or fundraising functions (if permitted).

We have provided for you some images of how the building will look and with the larger social space, opening on to a deck overlooking the ground and change rooms big enough to move around in we are looking onwards & upwards re facilities in 2021 for the Sharks.

Some additional good news is that netting will be fitted behind the goals at scoreboard end of Domeney and far end at Stintons which will also be welcome additions!

We will keep you posted as to progress and welcome support from everyone with this project.